East Brent and Rooksbridge people

This an ongoing collection of family history information on the families and individuals with a connection to our East Brent parish, past and present.
It is researched, shared and submitted by many individuals who have family connections with our village. And to which I am eternally grateful for sharing with us! It is updated when new information is found.
If you have added to this vast wealth of information on our village past, I have acknowledged you in the source listing. (Please remind me if I have not acknowledged your contribution no matter how large or small)!
Any additions, corrections or stories etc. will be greatly appreciated and can be added to our village history!
Note: As the information published here is copied from many and varied sources. I cannot guarantee that it is absolutely 100% correct. (Beware of my typo's for instance)!!
But bearing this in mind, you are welcome to use any of this to help you with your family research.
Important: If you are aware of any information published on this site that might sensitive to any individual, please ask me to remove it!

Note: Wives are listed under their maiden name when known.

John Rigarlsford

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