From in East Brent Aubrey Dixon EDWARDS was born (date unknown).

Bertha Elizabeth EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac EDWARDS and Caroline Sophie SCHULTZ.

Bertram EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph Millard EDWARDS and Annie PHILBEY.

Betsey EDWARDS63 was born in 1836 in East Brent.58 She appeared in the census in 1851 at home of George and Elizabeth Arney. (servant) in Rooksbridge Som.. Parents: Robert EDWARDS and Mary PRINCE.

Caroline Wilhelmina EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac EDWARDS and Caroline Sophie SCHULTZ.

Charles EDWARDS8 died in 1785 in East Brent. He was buried on 29 April 1785 in Badgworth Som..

Christiana EDWARDS was born on 31 December 1904 in East Brent Som.. She was admitted to in East Brent 1st School. on 28 February 1910 Left 28/4/1914322 Parents: Edward EDWARDS.

Clem Charles EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Henry EDWARDS and Marie Agnes "Mary" SCHULTZ.

From in East Brent David EDWARDS was born (date unknown). Fought for Duke of Monmouth in the Civil War of 1685. Charged as a rebel.

David EDWARDS was christened on 24 April 1870 in Mark Som..55 He was born in 1870 in Mark Som.. Parents: William Martin EDWARDS and Emma PAYNES.

E EDWARDS182 was P.C.C. secretary in 1933 in St Marys Church. East Brent. SOM..

Earl Thomas EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Thomas EDWARDS and Florence Jane FRICKER.

Edward EDWARDS84 was born in 1863 in East Brent Som.. In 1891 he was an a domestic servant in the home of Matilda and Christiana HICKS. Brent St. East Brent. SOM.84

Children were: Christiana EDWARDS.

Eliza EDWARDS63 was born about 1806 in East Brent Som..58

Spouse: John EDWARDS. Eliza EDWARDS and John EDWARDS were married. Children were: Jane EDWARDS, Emma EDWARDS, William EDWARDS, Isaac EDWARDS.

Eliza EDWARDS55 was born about 1826.55 She was born in 1826 in East Brent Som.. She was christened on 5 November 1826 in East Brent Som.. Eliza was living in Lympsham Som.. Parents: Isaac EDWARDS and Elizabeth MARTIN.

Spouse: Joseph HUNT. Eliza EDWARDS and Joseph HUNT were married on 3 April 1848 in East Brent Som..55 Witnesses were: Thoma and Ann Edwards They55 lived in Wick Lane E Brent. in 1861.55 They55 were married. Children were: Mary HUNT, Ann Edwards HUNT, William Edward HUNT, John HUNT, Elizabeth Edwards HUNT, George "Thomas" "Thomas" HUNT, Henry HUNT, Harry HUNT, Walter HUNT.

Eliza EDWARDS157 was born in 1835.

Spouse: James EDWARDS. Children were: Robert EDWARDS.

Elizabeth EDWARDS44 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John EDWARDS. Children were: John EDWARDS.

Elizabeth Jane EDWARDS55,90 was born about 1802. She was buried on 7 February 1857 in East Brent, Somerset. She died in 1857 at the age of 55 in East Brent, Somerset. Elizabeth was also known as Elizabeth EDWARDS.

Ellen EDWARDS84 was born in 1874 in East Brent Som.. About 1891 she was an a House maid living in The Vicarage House. East Brent. SOM.84

Emily Gertrude EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac EDWARDS and Caroline Sophie SCHULTZ.

Emma EDWARDS63 was born in 1833 in East Brent, Somerset.58 In 1851 she was a house servant at home of Martha ARNEY in East Brent.58 Parents: John EDWARDS and Eliza EDWARDS.

Emma EDWARDS84 was born in 1854 in East Brent Som..

Spouse: Joseph COMER. Emma EDWARDS and Joseph COMER were married.84 They84 lived Church House at Church St in East Brent. Children were: Frank COMER, Ada COMER, Kate COMER, Lot COMER, Alice COMER, Elsie COMER, George Anthony COMER.

Ern EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Thomas EDWARDS and Florence Jane FRICKER.

Fanny EDWARDS55,63 was christened on 27 February 1831 in East Brent Som.. She was born in 1831 in Rooksbridge Som.. About 1851 she was an a servant living at the house of Maurice Board Lympsham. Baptised at East Brent on 27th February 1831, Fanny EDWARDS was the fourth child of Isaac EDWARDS and the former Elizabeth MARTIN.

In the census of 1851, Fanny was a servant living in the household of Maurice BOARD of Lympsham.

Fanny married John ADAMS on 26th April 1855 at Lympsham. The marriage witnesses were Thomas and Jane EDWARDS. John was a Laborer of Aberdare.
Parents: Isaac EDWARDS and Elizabeth MARTIN.

Spouse: John ADAMS. Fanny EDWARDS and John ADAMS were married on 26 April 1855 in Lympsham Som..

Fanny Georgiana EDWARDS was born in 1867 in Mark Som.. She was christened on 29 September 1867 in Mark Som.. Parents: William Martin EDWARDS and Emma PAYNES.

Flora "Flower" EDWARDS109 was born in Banwell Som..

Spouse: William HILLMAN. Flora "Flower" EDWARDS and William HILLMAN lived in Banwell Som. between 1755 and 1772.109 They109 lived in Worle. SOM from 1772.109 They109 were married.109 Children were: William HILLMAN.

Florence May EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph Millard EDWARDS and Annie PHILBEY.

Francis Henry EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Henry EDWARDS and Marie Agnes "Mary" SCHULTZ.

Frank EDWARDS was born on 22 July 1902. He was admitted to in East Brent 1st School. on 29 April 1907 Left for Burnham. Apr 1908.199 Parents: Robert EDWARDS.

George EDWARDS was a Baker.2

Spouse: . Children were: Henry Herbert EDWARDS.

George EDWARDS27 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hannah EDWARDS. Hannah EDWARDS and George EDWARDS were married on 25 October 1773 in East Brent.

George EDWARDS44 was baptized on 9 December 1751 in East Brent. Parents: John EDWARDS and Mary EDWARDS.

George EDWARDS63 was born in 1782 in East Brent.58 He was baptized on 14 October 1783 in East Brent.345 He was living about 1841 in Rooksbridge. Som.. George appeared in the census in 1851 at home of James and Sarah RADFORD (a pauper) in Edingworth East Brent.

George Isaac EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac EDWARDS and Caroline Sophie SCHULTZ.

Gladys Rubina EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph Millard EDWARDS and Annie PHILBEY.

Gwynneth May EDWARDS (private).

Spouse: Arthur Charles WELLS. Children were: Elizabeth May WELLS, Sharon WELLS.

Hannah EDWARDS27 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George EDWARDS. Hannah EDWARDS and George EDWARDS were married on 25 October 1773 in East Brent.

Circa 1778 Hannah EDWARDS27 was a widow27

Spouse: George POTHACARY. Hannah EDWARDS and George POTHACARY were married on 24 December 1778 in East Brent.

Henry EDWARDS55 was born on 8 January 1860 in East Brent Som.. He was christened on 12 February 1860 in East Brent Som.. He died on 17 April 1904 at the age of 44 in Port Broughton S Australia. Henry was a Farmer, Councillor and Agent. Born on Sunday 8th January 1860 at East Brent in Somerset England, Henry EDWARDS was the fourth child of Thomas EDWARDS and the former Anne MILLARD. He was baptised in the Parish Church on Sunday 12th Frebruary 1860. Not even 4 when his family sailed for Australia he probably remembered little of the country of his birth, however the long sea voyage would have left its impressions.

As far as known Henry did not attend school.He was well educated however probably due to tutoring at home from his mother.

On 29th September 1891 Henry married Marie Agnes "Mary" SCHULTZ at Summertown, the ceremony being performed by Rev. John DINGLE, president of the Bible Christian Conference. The marriage was unusual in that there were three witnesses, Henry's brother Ike, his wife's sister Tena as well as John LAUBMANN, a Schultz family relative. A son of this John LAUBMANN became a founder of the well known opticians "Laubman and Pank". Mary was the eldest child of the late Julius Wilhelm Eugene "William" and Mrs Charlotte SCHULTZ nee MATTE (refer Spouse Notes) and had been born at Summertown on 1st November 1866.

When Henry and Mary first met is unknown, however it may have been via Henry's sister in law, Annie PHILBEY in view of her connections with the Summertown area. She was related to the Cobbledick family who were gardeners at Summertown quite close to the Schultz family property. So it was probably during an Edwards family holiday and visit to the Cobbledick's that Henry was first introduced to his future wife.

After their marriage they made their home on Henry's Wards Hill property which they named "Homelea". In 1892 Henry enlarged the size of the farm to 1203 acres by purchasing the adjoining Section No. 91 from his brother Joe who was leaving the district for the West Coast. It was on this enlarged property on 19th July 1892 that their first child, Francis Henry was born. There being no hospitals, Mary was attended by Mrs ANDREWS, a midwife who came from Port Broughton for this and her later children.

Henry was very successful as a farmer and besides growing wheat, in later years sheep and a few cattle were raised. We can perhaps gain some insight into early farm life at "Homelea" from the following account by Henry and Mary's third child, Annie May who was born in 1897.

Letter by Annie May FLETCHER nee ROUTLEY nee EDWARDS pre 1962 "Extract".

"My Dad first walked and broadcasted his seed, and people thought him crazy when he bought the first 5 furrowed plow with a seat on it, they had strippers and put all the grain in heaps, and then had to winnow it by hand, the husks were called Cockychaf. This was put in a shed, and then during the year mixed with molasses to feed the stock, the land was all cleared by hand, using an axe, the timber put in heaps and burnt, some people took this timber to the mines at Kadina, Moonta and Wallaroo, some was used as fuel, the taller white mallee was used to timber up the mines. Most of the timber in our district was Mallee, some much heavier than the majority, the stumps were picked up, some put in heaps & some to make fences and some for the walls of the horseyards etc, the timber taken to the mines was carted on the old waggons, drawn by horses, and was a very big trip taking several days for the return trip, there was plenty of hard work, heartache and worry, the method of travel in those days would break the heart of the modern people, there were no buggies or light horses, mostly those old heavy tip drays, we were somewhat luckier as my Dad had what was called a spring cart, almost the same to look at as the heavy dray, only much lighter. The worry that the mothers had for cooking, and the where with all to cook must have been great, for there were no stoves nor ovens only camp ovens for many years. The butcher used to come once a week, and he came from Mundora, can you imagine the meat, Mother said often fly blown, and bad, and mostly had to be cooked almost as soon as you got it, the farmers didn't have sheep in those days for water, as well as feeding them was the blow, you may remember the old dams, that was the only supply for years, and every year there was water carting, and the supply would only last a few days, and back the poor men had to go for more water."

Henry had a kindly personality which won him many friends and on 5th July 1897 he was elected to the local council. As a Councillor Henry generally interested himself in all movements relating to the welfare and advancement of the district. He was a very forward thinking man and was a great worker for compulsory education.

Mary was also much respected, being honest and truthful and would help anyone, she was an active worker for her church and district. An accomplished seamstress, she made all her own and her children's clothes. She was a good cook and homemaker, making jams, preserves and pickles etc.

For relaxation Henry owned a small boat, believed to have been called the "Iona" in which he would go fishing. Mary not liking being on the water never accompanied him, however their children would go or sometimes a neighbour. Henry also probably would have played with the local Wards Hill cricket team "The Coastal Warriors".

In February 1902 Henry and his family left Wards Hill and moved into Port Broughton because of his health. The running of their farm was handed to Mary's brother Carl who moved there with his family from Summertown. It is not clear what Henry's problem was, but maybe some sort of respiratory infection or allergic reaction. In Port Broughton Henry purchased a large comfortable stone house in Harvey Street. He became the local agent for the South Australian Farmers Union and quickly built a reputation as a good businessman.

On 17th April 1904 Henry died suddenly after a short illness from gastro enteritis. He was buried in the Port Broughton Cemetery, the services being read by Mr Bainger, Methodist Minister, and Mr Eley, on behalf of the I.O.R. Henry's headstone is unmarked except for the following inscription, no doubt considered appropriate by Mary and her family, the youngest of whom had been born only three months previously.


"Around his grave we silent stood, With heart all crushed and sore, Which through the gloom the sweet words stole, Not Lost but gone before."

In 1990 a further headstone was placed on the site by Henry's grandchildren.

Although now alone with a young family to raise, Mary remained an ardent worker for the Port Broughton Methodist Church. She taught the Sunday School and was a member of the choir. Mary enjoyed gardening and also found time to cultivate her keen interest in growing flowers. Early in 1913 Mary left Port Broughton and took over the Wards Hill farm from her brother.She became an extremely good and astute businesswoman. She converted the farm to freehold and enlarged it to 1565 acres by the purchase of an adjoining section from Ike EDWARDS. By 1916 with her son Clem in the AIF, the farm was being run by her eldest son Frank, as she and her daughters had moved to Adelaide.

On 25 th March 1916 Mary remarried to Alexander John MILLER at the residence of her cousin, Miss LAUBMAN, 28 Stepney Street St Peters. Alex was well known to Mary's family as he had been a storekeeper at Port Broughton for many years. The family made their home at "Fortis Green" Smith Street Walkerville but Mary's happiness would have been shattered later in the year with the news that her son Clem had been killed in France.

Mary and Alex lived at Walkerville until 1920 when they moved to38 Clifton Street Goodwood. In 1931 they moved again when Mary purchased land at Acacia Road Hawthorndene. The property was in a quiet bushland setting and here a large house was built and a well cared for garden established.

After suffering declining health for several years Mary died on 22nd April 1945 in the Wellingford Private Hospital. She was buried in the Centennial Park Cemetery. Alex died on 17th February 1951 at his daughters residence (Mrs E. Behenna), Leslie Street Kilkenny at 85 years of age. He was buried in the Payneham Cemetery.

Parents: Thomas EDWARDS and Anne MILLARD. Parents: Thomas EDWARDS and Anne MILLARD.

Spouse: Marie Agnes "Mary" SCHULTZ. Marie Agnes "Mary" SCHULTZ and Henry EDWARDS were married on 29 September 1891 in Summertown S Australia. Children were: Francis Henry EDWARDS, Clem Charles EDWARDS, Lottie Eugenie EDWARDS, Annie May EDWARDS, Marie Agnes EDWARDS, Jean EDWARDS.

Henry Francis EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph Millard EDWARDS and Annie PHILBEY.

Henry George Isaac EDWARDS (twin)55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac EDWARDS and Caroline Sophie SCHULTZ.

Henry Herbert EDWARDS2,29 was born in 1858 in Staffs, Stoke on Trent.2,29 He was educated living at 24 Jubilee Road, Southsea in 1901.2 He was a Dockyard Labourer , grocers porter (1881), steward RN.2 1881 census living at 4 Norland Road, Norland Cottages East Side, Portsea with wife Ada A and children Herbert H and Alfred E

marriage cert mar 1877 portsea 2b 629

1891 census living at 75 Boulton Road, Portsea with wife Ada children Herbert, Alfred, Ada, Alice, William, Arthur, Frederick

Naval Record says born 17 june 1856, stoke on trent? Parents: George EDWARDS.

Spouse: Ada Amelia GUY. Ada Amelia GUY and Henry Herbert EDWARDS were married on 21 January 1877 in St Bartholomew Southsea.2 Children were: Jude EDWARDS, William (Bill) EDWARDS, Herbert H EDWARDS, Alfred Ernest EDWARDS, Alice Amelia EDWARDS, Arthur George EDWARDS, Frederick Edwin , Ada EDWARDS, Archibald EDWARDS, Sidney EDWARDS, Leonard Walter EDWARDS.

Herbert H EDWARDS2 was born in 1878 in southsea, hants.2 He was a Bricklayers labourer.2 Parents: Henry Herbert EDWARDS and Ada Amelia GUY.

Spouse: Selina Eliza BLACKMAN. Selina Eliza BLACKMAN and Herbert H EDWARDS were married in 1902 in Portsmouth.2

Hilda Alice Ann EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Thomas EDWARDS and Florence Jane FRICKER.

Hilda Maud EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph Millard EDWARDS and Annie PHILBEY.

Hurtle EDWARDS55 was born (date unknown). Parents: Thomas EDWARDS and Florence Jane FRICKER.

Isaac EDWARDS55 was born in 1800 in East Brent Som.. He was baptized on 31 August 1800 in East Brent Som.. About 1841 he was an a farm labourer.63 Isaac appeared in the census in 1851 in Edingworth East Brent.58 He died on 5 May 1860 at the age of 60 in Rooksbridge Som.. Parents: John EDWARDS and Mary ESGAR.

Spouse: Elizabeth MARTIN. Elizabeth MARTIN and Isaac EDWARDS were married on 1 April 1824 in East Brent Som..27 Witnesses: Joseph Bennet & George Lewis Children were: Anne EDWARDS, Eliza EDWARDS, Thomas EDWARDS, Fanny EDWARDS, Norden EDWARDS, William EDWARDS, Martha Jane EDWARDS, Jane EDWARDS, Maria EDWARDS, Pheobe EDWARDS, William Martin EDWARDS.

Isaac EDWARDS58 was born in 1844 in East Brent. Parents: John EDWARDS and Eliza EDWARDS.

Isaac EDWARDS55 was born on 10 November 1869 in Kulpara. S Australia. He died on 3 June 1935 at the age of 65 in Loxton. South Australia. He was buried on 5 June 1935 in Loxton. South Australia. Isaac was an a farmer, Councillor and Justice of the Peace. Born on Wednesday 10th November 1869 at Kulpara, Isaac EDWARDS was the eighth and last child of Thomas EDWARDS and the former Anne MILLARD.

On 18th March 1896 Ike married Caroline Sophie "Tena" SCHULTZ in the Bible Christian Church at Summertown. The ceremony was performed by Rev W.H. CANN and witnessed by Tena's brother Carl and sister Anna. The fifth child of Julius Wilhelm Eugene "William" and Mrs Charlotte SCHULTZ nee MATTE, Tena had been born at Summertown on 20th June 1872.It is believed that the young couple had first met 4 years earlier when they were both witnesses to the marriage of Henry EDWARDS and Marie Agnes SCHULTZ.

Ike and Tena made their home in the hundred of Wokurna on Ike's Wards Hill farm "Glenhope".

Ike was the first person in the district to purchase a motor car, possibly a steamer. In February 1910 Ike's new White motor car caught fire and was completely burnt out.

Ike was an original member of the "Coastal Warriors" Cricket Club and was an ardent supporter and an efficient player during the whole period of its existence. Ike also had a tennis court on his Wards Hill property, he was a keen and popular tennis player.

Ike was a member for many years of the Pine Forest branch of the Agricultural Bureau and also Chairman for a time.

In 1914 Ike's farmhouse was rebuilt, replacing the previous modest construction.

In 1916 Ike was elected auditor of the newly formed Pine Forest Rifle Club.

Both Ike and Tena showed a keen interest in all matters concerning the district's welfare. Ike was a member if the Repratriation Committee. He conducted the Wards Hill School children through exercises at Arbor Day in 1916 and in 1918 was Chairman of the School Committee. In July 1919 Ike was elected councillor on the Port Broughton Council.

Tena was president of the Wards Hill Red Cross in 1918, she helped with jumble sales and concerts etc to raise funds. She also rendered valuable service to the Wards Hill Methodist Church and School.

In 1920 Ike sold "Glenhope' to Frederick and Edgar YOUNG and moved with his family to Adelaide where he purchased a house at Queen Street Norwood. "Glenhope" is now part of "Glenrae" stud owned by Ross C. YOUNG of Port Broughton. It is believed that Ike sold because of the high land prices on offer which he believed had reached their peak. HIs decision was also influenced by concern for his eldest daughter Maggie who had moved to Adelaide as well as his son Will's health problems. Ike was also no longer a young man and at the time his eldest son Jim was not keen on becoming a farmer.

Ike played cricket at St Morris while living in Adelaide.

Ike's children evidently didn't like the city and the family took a vote. Subsequently in 1923 Ike purchased a 2.5 square mile Property at Noora from a W.H. MULLER. Noora is in the Murray Mallee between Loxton and the Victorian border. Their new farm was called "Glenhope' after the old.

In 1926 Ike was a trustee of the Noora Tennis Club.
Ike retired from farming in 1930 handing the running of the farm to his son Harry.
On 3rd June 1935 Ike died from pneumonia in the Loxton Hospital. His body was laid to rest 2 days later in the Loxton Cemetery.
Tena subsequently lived with her daughter Maggie at Ashton. She had her own small cabin on the property where she was happy for many years.
Tena had a good sense of humour and particularly enjoyed playing cards. She was an avid reader and liked knitting and gardening, loved old world flowers and especially white roses. She enjoyed cooking and was well known for her scones and buns.
Tena moved to Aldersgate at Felixtow and in later years her memory was very poor and had trouble recognising her own family. She died in the Northfield Hospital on 19th July 1959 at the age of 87 years. Her remains were laid to rest in the Summertown Cemetery.
Parents: Thomas EDWARDS and Anne MILLARD.

Spouse: Caroline Sophie SCHULTZ. Caroline Sophie SCHULTZ and Isaac EDWARDS were married on 18 March 1896. Children were: William Thomas EDWARDS, Margaret Dorothea EDWARDS, James Leslie EDWARDS, George Isaac EDWARDS, Bertha Elizabeth EDWARDS, Emily Gertrude EDWARDS, Caroline Wilhelmina EDWARDS, Tena Charlotte EDWARDS (twin), Henry George Isaac EDWARDS (twin).

James EDWARDS292 an overseer of the poor between 1737 and 1770 in East Brent Som..425 He was described as churchwarden in 1738 in St Marys Church. East Brent. SOM..119 He lived in East Brent Som.. Parents: James EDWARDS and Ann EDWARDS.

Children were: Ann EDWARDS.