East Brent Methodist Church Richard Colston Thomas Young John Hatch Silas Pimm Sen'r John Hawkins Jun'r John Hawkins Sen'r James Baker Sen'r James Sperrring Edward Pople George Lewis John Baker Silas Pimm Jun'r John Gillard William Hawkins John Jutsum William White Jacob Boon  Certificate granted hereon 6th Feb 1805

The Wesleyans built their Church in the centre of the village of East Brent on the corner of the then ‘Dodd’s Lane,

Today, Dodd’s Lane is the main A38 Weston Road that runs though the village.

It was built in 1871 at a cost of £450.  

A pulpit was installed in 1920.

In 1930 Electricity was installed followed in 1945 by a water supply which consisted of just one indoor tap.  An Elsan toilet was also installed in an outside shed.

1946 Gas heating was installed.

In 1939 a screen was erected across the internal width of the chapel to form a school room.

Signs of which can still be seen. The screen was removed in 1991. At the same time, a stained glass window was moved from the Lympsham Methodist Church and installed over the entance door at East Brent.

1964 saw the building of a schoolroom at a cost of £8,850, on land at the side of the chapel donated by Joe Gilling of Rooksbridge.

From information by Andrew and Rosemary Gilling

1805 Protestant Dissenters

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Rooksbridge Dissenters of 1805

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