East Brent Remembers

The Great War

1914 – 1918

A Centenary tribute to all of the men of East Brent who served in World War One

Including the survivors who returned home and have largely been forgotten

Also to the families who lost loved ones and those who lived in fear of losing sons, husbands and fathers during those long 4 years.

These are their Stories!

Compiled by John Rigarlsford

Published By

East Brent Parish History Group

For anyone who bought the first edition this is the completely updated

170 page edition



The story of Captain

William Blyth FULLER

Grandfather of  Michael HARE of Rooksbridge.

Although Captain William FULLER was not a resident of  our parish,

He served in WW1 and died on May 16th 1915 leading his men over the top at the opening of the Battle of Festubert in France.

His story of his service and commitment should be heard.

Compiled and researched by J Rigarlsford

Download a PDF booklet here.


‘East Brent Remembers’

In this Centenary year of the Armistice of

World War One

A completely updated version of the above booklet is now available as a Free PDF file for you to print or read.

A very small number of copies of the original version are still available.

At this moment just over £300 has been raised which along with any further sales will be donated to

SSAFA  Soldiers, Sailors and Air Force Family Association

or the British Legion.