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Group Activities

Formed in 2011, We are a group of like minded individuals with an interest in researching, and sharing the history of our village its people and its places.

We hope to record and archive our findings for future generations.

The group brings together residents and visitors to share and discover anything relating to our village past. From today, right back to Domesday and beyond!

Our main focus is on the people and parish of East Brent, and the villages within its boundary, including Rooksbridge and the hamlet of Edingworth.

However! Through the ages, people strayed beyond the village boundaries to find work and to marry etc.  So too, will our quest to follow families, inevitably lead us to stray into the neighbouring parishes of Brent Knoll, Lympsham, Biddisham and Mark etc! And sometimes far beyond. Even to connections on the other side of the world.

Anyone welcome. No entry or membership fees,

But a small donation towards the cost of hiring the Hall etc will be

greatly appreciated.


The 1st Wednesday


7.00 pm

The Village Hall
East Brent.

Visitors welcome

The East Brent Parish History Group

Next Meeting

Wed 7th Jan  2014,

7:00 pm in the Village Hall.

“From Farmers Field to Flanders Field!”.

Talk by Andrew Janes

Meeting Report
September 2014

Archived Meeting reports
PDF format.

East Brent Parish History Group

East Brent Parish History Group

Meeting Notes for 3rd Sept  2014

Those who were at the last meeting enjoyed the talk by John Dando on “Carnivals”. It was interesting to hear him tell the history of carnival in Bridgwater and Somerset since the days of Guido (Guy) Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot in 1605.

Unfortunately there were only a small number attending, so please put the word around for future talks. The speakers have a modest charge and expenses which we need to recompense them for.

All Welcome. No Membership fees!

But a donation toward expenses is greatly appreciated.

Jenny has arranged further speakers and dates are as follows :

3rd Dec. 2014 - John Strickland “Day Trip to Burnham by Train”.

7th Jan. 2015 - Andrew Janes “From Farmer’s Field to Flanders Field”.

4th Mar. 2015 - Kay Wych “Housemaid at Glastonbury Abbey” with costumes.

I look forward to seeing you and many others on 3rd December.

The Great War – East Brent, Brent Knoll & Lympsham  Remembrance

Rev. Simon Lewis is holding meetings with representatives from the 3 Parishes to arrange a series of events in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday on 9th

November 2014.

Each Parish Church will have a general exhibition plus one relating specifically to the fallen in their own Parish. During  the  week for two evenings in each Church  there  will be a  presentation, talks, films etc. relating to WW1. An initial draft schedule is, please note this may change  :

Remembering World War 1:

Monday  3 Nov  7.30pm

St Mary, East Brent

A Potted History

Tuesday  4 Nov  7.30pm

St Michael, Brent Knoll

Variety Show

Wednesday  5 Nov  7.30pm

St Christopher, Lympsham

Talking Heads

Thursday  6 Nov  7.30pm

St Mary, East Brent

Classical Music

Friday  7 Nov  7.30pm

St Christopher, Lympsham

Film & Documentary

Saturday  8 Nov ?

St Michael, Brent Knoll

Toc H

Plans are developing to  toll  a muffled bell  in  each  Parish Church  on the date  their  serviceman  died during WW1.

This will commence on the anniversary of the start of WW1 (4th August).

More details from Rev. Simon Lewis.

Future Meetings

East Brent Parish History Group Meetings take place at 7:00 pm in East Brent Village Hall generally

on the  first Wednesday of each month.  There is no meeting during November so the next meeting will be on 3rd December 2014 followed by 7th January 2015.

John Rigarlsford continues  with his collation of  all  those WW1 Servicemen  from or connected with East Brent Parish.  If anyone has photos, badges, medals, memorabilia etc.  please get in touch with

John at jonrig@rooksbridge.org.uk or via myself.

All  are  welcome  at  any  meeting.  If  you  have  any  photos  &  memories,  please  bring  them  along.

Thanks to donations,  we  now  have a scanner and computer  permanent ly available  for use  at our meetings. Photographs and documents are precious and don’t need to leave your possession.

There are many stories to be told. I look forward to seeing you there.

Colin Loader

Tel. 01278 760713, Mob. 07931429927

e-mail: ebphgroup@talktalk.net

Parish Council Website: http://eastbrentparishcouncil.org.uk/