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Edward John Emery served as a sergeant in the 2nd Battalion of the Dorset Regiment. 

 The Indian Expeditionary Force 'D' were besieged and captured by the Turks at Kut sometime after Oct 1915. He died as a prisoner of war in Sep 1916 He is buried in Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery. Iraq.

During his posting in India and later while on active service with the Indian Expeditionary Force in wartime Mesopotamia, Edward kept in touch with his family in Rooksbridge and some of his letters have survived. The following are transcripts of a couple of them

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Edwards letters home to his family in Rooksbridge.

Indian Expeditionary Force D

18 Feb 1915

My dear mother,

    I am writing a few lines to let you know that I am alright. Florrie has written for us since we left India. I am with the Indian Force which is fighting against the Turks, but our supply duties do not take us into the fighting lines, so you need not worry yourself about me. I am just as safe here as in India.

We are not allowed to name the place where we are, but I think I will say it is in lower Mesopotamia, the country you read about in the bible, somewhere near where the Garden of Eden was in the olden days.

We have had nice cold weather here since I left India but it is beginning to warm up now and from all accounts it gets very hot during the summer. I am thankful to say I am in perfect health and have gained half a stone in weight since I left India. So you see I am doing alright. 

Well dear mother and all at home, you must be feeling the effects of this terrible war and having an anxious time. But although we cannot see when it will end we must hope for the best.

Florrie tells me she has sent you £2 which I hope you have received safe. When you write to us, my address must be given as follows.








That will find me alright.

 Well dear mother and all of you at home I will close with fond love to you.

Your loving son Ted.


Indian Expeditionary Force D

28 Oct 1915

My dear mother,

     I am afraid it is some time ago since I last wrote to you. I have received a letter from Alice sometime ago, and was sorry to hear that you were not very well, and I do hope that you are getting on alright now. Charles wrote and gave me all the home news a few weeks ago. He seems to be getting on well with his dairy work. Florrie also sent me a letter she got from Edie and we are very pleased to hear she is married and getting on comfortably. Florrie said she was going to write to you, Have you received a letter from her lately? Both herself and the children are doing well in India with the exception of Teddy who has had sore eyes, which I hope to hear are alright now. I had a letter from Jesse a few day ago, he seems to be doing well.

I am getting on alright out here. The weather is very pleasant now, but we have had a very hot summer under trying conditions. Still I am looking confidently forward to the finish of all this business and shall be glad when it is all over. 

I am enclosing a snapshot of myself, it is not a very good one as it was taken by an amateur who did not know much about the business. It makes me look older than I do, although I cant get away from the fact that my hair is getting a bit thin on top.

Well dear mother I will now close hoping that you are better and that Father, Alice and Gladys and all at home are doing well

With love to you all.

Your affectionate son Ted.

(This appears to be the last letter the family received from Edward).