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Thomas C Champion. 1800-1887
19th century photographer.
East Brent and NSW Australia

THOMAS CHAMPION was born 1800 in East Brent, SOMERSET ( son of Edward Champion & Anne Naish). He immigrated to Australia 23.3.1842 aboard "Andromachie". He was married at St.Paul's London to HARRIETT WOODROUGH born 20.2.1805 London (daughter of John & Elizabeth Woodrough). She died 31.12.1887 at Windsor, just after Thomas. Thomas died 12.6.1887 Parramatta, and is buried at St.Matthews, Windsor, just across the road from his studio.
Biographical Details:
Thomas C.Champion was an early photographer who appears to have spent time in several locations, including Sydney, Windsor, & Tamworth in New South Wales, and Shrewsbury in England. T.C.C. was meticulous in labelling his photos, often with year, month, and day of sitting; relationship of the subject to himself; and their age (sometimes down to the 1/4 year!). This makes the Champion album a valuable resource as an aid to dating photos of the period by fashions, type and quality of carte, photographer's details, etc. A typical example is the back of this self portrait, taken on his 70th birthday, which I recently came by (it having been separated from the album for some years)   
Greg. Munro. NSW Australia.

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