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As part of our nations remembering of the beginning of the First World War (the  ‘Great  War’),  a  small  group  of  local  people  from  our  three  parish councils – Lympsham, East Brent and Brent Knoll – are joining together to remember those who served in many ways during the First World War, be it at home, on the farm, or in the Armed Forces, or who grew up in this area during that period.

Week before Remembrance Sunday

This group - called ‘Remember WW1’ - is arranging a series of events in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday on 9th November 2014: we have entitled the week Remembering WW1.  Each parish’s church will have a

general  exhibition  plus  one  relating  specifically  to  the  fallen  in  their  own  parish.   Then starting  on  Monday 2 November, during the evenings, we will remember the First World War through presentation, talk, music, story and

film.  These evening events will take place in our three church buildings: a programme will be advertised in due course of what, where and when.

Remembrance Sunday

Our week of remembering will culminate on Remembrance Sunday with our usual Acts of Remembrance at our three  war  memorials,  all  starting  at  10.50am  (at  Brent  Knoll  this  continues  straight  afterwards with a Service of Remembrance). Then at 3.00pm in St Mary’s Church, East Brent, there will be a prayer vigil for peace called, ‘WE WILL REMEMBER’.

Muffled Bells rung to Remember

Commencing Monday 4th August, the anniversary of the start of World War 1, you will hear over the next twelve months, a muffled bell rung (for a period of ten minutes) commemorating the anniversary date of death of each

serviceman named on our three memorials. The bell will be rung from the church tower of the village in which the serviceman is named on the memorial.

Below is the list of servicemen and when their anniversary bell will be rung.

Name  Date of Death Village War Memorial


3  BENNETT, Christopher  03/08/1918  Lympsham

5  GRANT, William J.  05/08/1917  Brent Knoll

7  HUNT, Henry  07/08/1918  Brent Knoll

7  SEALEY, Edward, Stanley  07/08/1918  Lympsham

8  PUDDY, John   08/08/1916  East Brent

27  DERRICK, John, Leslie  27/08/1917  East Brent

28  HUNT, Frank  28/08/1918  Brent Knoll

28  COMER, George, Inman  28/08/1915  East Brent

30  HIPPLSLEY, G. E. C.  30/08/1916  Brent Knoll


2  STUDLEY, Gerald, William, Henry  02/09/1918  East Brent

2  BUTT, Charles, Henry  02/09/1918  Lympsham

2  BABB, William, Edward  02/09/1918  East Brent  Born East Brent / Not on    memorial

9  TURNER, Arthur  09/09/1915  East Brent  Born East Brent / Not on memorial

17  EMERY, Edward  17/09/1916  East Brent

23  GRANT, William, John  23/09/1917  East Brent  Born East Brent / Not on       memorial

29  ROYLE, Arthur, Clegg, Fanshawe  29/09/1914  Lympsham

30  EMERY, William, J.  30/09/1917  Brent Knoll


1  POPHAM, Frederick   01/10/1916  East Brent

2  HAM, Sydney, William  02/10/1915  East Brent

3  GRANT, Alfred  03/10/1917  East Brent

3  FROST, Arthur, Edward  03/10/1918  Lympsham

8  DINWIDDY, Leonard, Arthur   08/10/1915  East Brent


15  LLOYD, A. A.  15/12/1915  Brent Knoll


4  POPHAM, Ralph   04/01/1918  East Brent

18  STONE, Walter  18/01/1917  Brent Knoll


10  COX, Charles  10/02/1918  Brent Knoll


10  NURSE, Len  10/04/1916  Brent Knoll

23  POPLE, Charles  23/04/1917  East Brent

30  CREES, Bertram, Frank  30/04/1915  East Brent


1  CHARMAN, Edgar  01/05/1917  Brent Knoll

8  COOMBS, Arthur  08/05/1915  Brent Knoll

9  HARRISON, Albert   09/05/1915  East Brent

12  FISHER, Ernest  12/05/1917  East Brent

13  HUSTON, William B.  13/05/1915  Brent Knoll

13  JANES, Arthur, Charles  13/05/1915  Lympsham

27  FISHER, James  27/05/1918  Lympsham

31  PERKINS, Morton  31/05/1918  Brent Knoll


16  PLAYER, Reginald, Louis  16/06/1915  Lympsham

22  DURSTON, John   22/06/1917  East Brent


1  WEBBER, Alfred G.  01/07/1916  Brent Knoll

1  HAM, Frederick, C.   01/07/1916  East Brent

21  SPERRING, Hulbert, Lewis  21/07/1916  Lympsham

23  GAMLEN, William, Henry  23/07/1916  East Brent

We hope  you  will  join  us  for the  events  during Remembering  WW1 week,  particularly  Remembrance Sunday.

Also, will you pause for a moment when you hear a muffled bell, just to ponder on the notion of someone giving their life for another, and pray this prayer about peace, or at least reflect on its sentiments:

We turn to you, God,

asking that you enfold our planet in your justice, peace and truth.

Enlighten the minds of those making decisions,

melt the hearts of those inflicting cruelty upon your children,

and strengthen the resolve of all who pray for peace.

And may God bless us – and the peoples who share our planet.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Simon Lewis


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