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The village pump at Rooksbridge

For many years, possibly well into the 1900's, the village pump was the only source of clean water for many Rooksbridge villagers.

While referred to as the village pump, it was actually a public standpipe connected to the mains from the pumping station at Cross.
References to the water supply in Rooksbridge were recorded in the East Brent Parish Council Minutes of 1895

The pump can be seen in the extreme left of this old photo of ‘Clare Street’ now known as Gills Lane

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The original village pump was re-discovered in the 1990's. And had been used as a garden ornament for several years! As a Millennium 2000 project the pump was given back to the village and was restored and re-erected in its original location at the top of Gills Lane, by Nick Burkinshaw  from the garage, with help from other residents.  
In 2010 as part of a campaign to present a well kept village led by Sheila Bellingham and her team of resident volunteers,  the area around the pump was cleared and planted with a small garden and some metal sculptures representing rooks on a bridge were added.