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Some extracts from the Burnham Deanery Magazine.
Badgworth, Berrow, Biddisham, Blackford, Bleadon, Breane (sic), Brent Knoll, Lympsham, Weare, Loxton
 Extract  April 1927 
Good Churchmanship in the best sense of the words – that is the combination of life-long habits of regular Church attendance with consistent Christian character – is not so common now-a-days that we can afford to pass over with a bare mention of the fact, the passing away during the last month, of two of our old Rooksbridge friends, Emma Phillips and her brother-in-law Arthur Phillips.  Until failing health made it impossible Emma Philips was a regular Communicant at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.  And the distance of nearly 2 miles each way seldom prevented Arthur Philips from walking to the Parish Church and back on Sunday evenings.  May they rest in peace, and may we have grace so to follow their good examples that with them we may be partakers of the heavenly kingdom.
Mar 7th Emma Phillips, aged 84
Mar 25th  Arthur Phillips, aged 80 
This extract kindly submitted by Marion Nicholas. Loxton. www.loxtonsomerset.org.uk

The following extracts kindly submitted by Richard Popplestone, a relative of Frank Page.
EDITORIAL.        March 1934
The Editor declines to be held responsible for the opinions of his Correspondents.
This newly formed Association will come into force on and after April 1st, 1934, as the D.N.A. year always ends on March 31st. The representatives of our two parishes have unani­mously elected our Rural Dean as Chairman, Mrs. Wickham as Hon. Treas. and the Rector of Lympsham as Hon. Sec. The latter hopes that the representatives of each parish will thoroughly canvass every house in their respect­ive districts, and get more subscribers and, if possible, larger subscriptions. The chief diffi­culty will be the financial one. 

March 1st—Prebendary J. J. Langham.
March 8th—Rev. E. B.  Williams.
March 15th—Rev. Stanford F. H. Robinson.
March 22nd—Prebendary G. W. Saunders.
SUNDAYS 6.30 p.m.
March 4th—Rev. J. F. M. Whish.
March 11th—Rev. P. Marshall.
March 18th—Rev. R. C. V. Hodge.

AT THE CHAPEL OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD ROOKSBRIDGE 2.45 p.m. March 4th and 18th—Rev. E. A. H. Strong. March 11th and 25th—The Vicar.
HOLY WEEK, March 25th to 31st.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs­day. Mattins 11.30 a.m. Evensong 7 p.m.
GOOD FRIDAY.  Mattins 11 a.m. Evensong 6.30 p.m. Also at Chapel of Good Shepherd, Evensong 2.45 p.m. Collections on Good Friday for Jerusalem and the East Mission.
Easter Eve—Evensong 7 p.m.

MOTHERS’ UNION. The week of March 4th is to be observed throughout the Diocese as a special Week of Prayer for M.U. members, followed by Corporate Communion on Mothering Sunday, March 11th. In East Brent it has been arranged to celebrate Corporate Communion at three different times on March 11th to give every member a chance of attending—8 am, at the Parish Church. 9 am. at Rooksbridge. 11 am, at the Parish Church.

We are also having special intercessions at the Lenten service on Thursday, March 8th at 7 o’clock.
On Wednesday, March 7th there will be a meeting at the Vicarage at 3 o’clock with address by Mrs. Hay Wilson, a missionary of the U.M.C. A. in Africa, on African Mothers and their Babies. A book stall will be provided. Tea at 3d. We much hope members will make an effort to attend on all these days.
£1 was collected at Evensong for the Tuber­culosis Care Committee on Sunday, February 25th.

One of our critical readers, was heard to say about the subscription list of last month” I make it, not..
 £15 8s. Od., but £12 18s. Od.” he was right. The explanation is that the following three kind contributions given on Jan. 25th were accidentally omitted. Mr. E. E. Hutson £1; Mr. E. J. Jesty £1; and Mr. W. Watkins 10/-, 
We are glad to report now a further addition of £12 1s. 9d., made up as follows :—Mr. G. E. Hudson 5/-; A Friend 10/-; A Rooksbridge Friend 5/-; Mr. F. Woodward, Senior £1; Mr. J. Connell 10/-; Whist Drive £2 16s. 3d.; Miss Luttrell £2 ; Searching Registers, Wedmore 10/6; Bridge Drive £3; Sale of Garden Fête goods, Mrs. D. Ward 5/-; Miss Maud Watson  £1.      Total £12 1s. 9d., reducing deficit from  £43 15s. 5d. to £31. 13s. 8d.
Our best thanks are due to the following ladies who kindly gave the prizes for the Bridge Drive—
Mrs. Tom Tilley,  Mrs. Say and Miss Enid Day.

 PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEET-Jan. 30th. The accounts £28 1Os. lid.
The following twelve were nominated and elected to serve on the CHURCH COUNCIL for the ensuing year:
Mrs. Say, Mrs. Hutson, Mrs. Gill, Mrs. E. E. Huett, Mrs. E. J. Fry, Mrs. Yeoman, Messrs. F. Woodward, Senior, B. S. Champion, It. Yeoman, P. Huett, E. J. Fry, F. Cantle. Mr. E. F. Hutson was unanimously co-opted at the first meeting of the new Council. The ex-officio members are the Vicar and Church wardens, Messrs. P. Ward and H. W. Frost, and the representatives on the Rural-decanal Conference, Mrs. Rose Huett, Mrs. Wickham and Mr. and Mrs. D. Ward.
The SIDES MEN were re-elected as follows:
Messrs. F. Woodward, Senior, E. E. Hutson, Charles Hodder, B. S. Champion, F. Cantle, IT. Lull, G. Hill, Sidney Ham, P. Huett, E. J. Fry, B. Yeoman and W. G. A. Frost.
At the first meeting of the New CHURCH COUNCIL on Feb. l6th the following officers were re-elected:
Mr. F. Woodward, Senior, Vice-Chairman; Mr. E. E. Hutson, Hon. Sec.; Mr. E  Edwards, Acting Sexton; Mr. B. A. Fear,
          Organist; Mr. E. Cooke, Steeple-keeper; and Mrs. Dixon Ward, Hon. See. for the Duplex F.W.O.
The Council expressed their sincere appreciation of the way in which Mr. Fear had met them on the question of his salary. Mr. F. Woodward, Senior, consented to act as organiser of au appeal to the parish for the clearing off of the Spire Fund deficit.
An Economy Sale will beheld at Rooksbridge below the Chapel of the Good Shepherd on Friday, April 6th. All interested in bargains of every description are cordially invited to attend. The Sale will he opened at 2.30. Admission 2d. Tea at moderate charges.
January 26th—Pamela Lilian, daughter of Herbert and Freda Elsie Thomas, born December 2nd, 1933.
February 15th --Rex, son of Harold and Gertrude Alice Hill, born December 29th, 1933.
February 13th—Francis William Page and Gladys Alice Maud Crease.
January. 29th—Elizabeth Tincknell, aged 61.
February 10th—Edward Bedding, aged 85.
      Daily Celebrations during Lent. Mondays and Thursdays 8. Tuesdays and Fridays 7.30. Wednesdays and Saturdays 7. (For In­tentions see services notice-sheet.) Lenten Thursday evening services 7. Preacher: Padre Weston N.B. Lady Day is trans­ferred from March 25th (Palm Sunday) to April 10th.
The Confirmation is to be held in Burnham Parish Church on Friday, March 16th at 3 p.m. The Holy Sacrifice that day (7.30 am.) will he offered with Intention for the candidates. I hope to be able to prepare them in time to make their first Communion on Easter Day. 
         It is with a feeling of relief that I write of the death of George (“ Tom “) Emery. He suffered greatly. But he bore it greatly. He was so patient, so gentle, so sorry to give trouble. having left the house without seeing him on my last visit, as he was passing through a paroxysm of pain, he sent after me that I would come and hold his hand for a moment. Even then his thought was for another—” How warm your hand is,” lie whispered, “ I thought it would be cold.”    However much be was suffering, he seemed to find great comfort in the prayers. God rest his soul.
                   Yours in His Service,   A.  CHISHOLME SCHOFIELD.

 Churchyard. We are rightly proud of the appearance of our Churchyard. Will you help to keep it “decently and in order” by removing all vessels for holding flowers when not in use? And, please, note that any such vessel of a material or design out of the ordinary or bearing any inscription must be submitted for approval.
Feb. 7th—William Joseph Ham and Ella Margery Frost.
Feb. 24th—George Emery, aged 71 years.

March 4th—11 a.m. Rev. E. C. Williams,  National Society.
                   March 11th—11 a.m. Rev. A. C. Schofield,  Vicar of Brent Knoll.
March i8th—6.30 p.m. Rev. C. J. Heughan,  Vicar of Highbridge.
March 8th—7.15 p.m. Preb. A. P. Wickham,  R.D., Vicar of East Brent.
                    March 22nd—7. 15 p.m. Rev. H. C. Fraser,  Vicar of Mark. 
CONFIRMATION. Our candidates will be presented at the service to be held in Burnham on March 16th.

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